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We are a public organization, "Ecopark Osokorky", which brought together activists, environmental experts, and Kyiv residents around the idea of creating an Osokorky Wetland Park (Ecopark Osokorky in Ukrainian) in the South Osokorky on the left bank of Kyiv.

The idea that united us all was set out in a petition to the Kyiv City Council № 713 dated 11/18/2015 "Landscape Nature Park instead of building up the southern Osokorky".

And we are fighting for the implementation of the petition and the creation of a nature park.
What we do

Our activity

Care of the wetland park site
Environmental education
Protection of environmental rights
Preservation of ecosystems
Our values
Responsibility. As a basis.
We are convinced that only a responsible society has the potential for progress. The ability to take responsibility is an indicator of social maturity. It's about being not just a resident but a citizen.
Caring for the environment. As a mission.
Caring for the environment is the basis of humanity and spiritual development. We do care who we live with and what our world will be like. A society that cherishes and invests in its own future.
The harmonious coexistence of man and nature. As a goal.
We are all part of a global ecosystem. The depth of his awareness determines the scale of human thinking. The principle "Do no harm, take care, save" has been a manifesto of environmental safety for a long time. Eco-consciousness and rational consumption is not a tribute to fashion but a requirement of time.
Respect. As a principle.
The foundation of every healthy society is based on respect: for people and human rights, for the law, for the state. The principle of respect is decisive for us because respect cultivates trust, and the level of trust determines the potential for cooperation.
Cooperation, mutual assistance, and support. As a path.
Shared values, common ideals, and joint efforts turn ideas into deeds. We are open to cooperation, and we are ready to cooperate. Collaborate means acting more effectively.
The eagerness for knowledge and improvement. As a vector.
Communities grow when they can ensure sustainable development. We strive to become better, and we are interested in learning. We are ready to move forward.
Commitment and ability. This is faith in ourselves.
The key to important achievements and accomplishments.
The mission of the NGO "Ecopark Osokorky" is to participate in the development of a responsible civil society, which understands human rights to a safe and comfortable environment, the need to preserve nature and shares the principles of sustainable development, implements relevant projects and programs and believes in their strength and feasibility.
Support the creation of the Osokorky Wetland Park
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