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Osokorky Wetland Park
Don't let the green pearl of Kyiv be built up!
Where have Osokorky Wetland Park come from?
We are a team of activists, environmental experts, Kyiv residents, and just caring people interested in the harmonious development of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The city in which we live and with which we connect our future.

The idea that united us all was set out in a petition to the Kyiv City Council № 713 dated 11/18/2015 "Landscape Nature Park instead of building up the southern Osokorky".

And we are fighting for the implementation of the petition and the creation of a nature park.
We want a park instead of concrete embankments.
And you can help us to reach this goal
Our goal is to develop a large landscape park to the south of Kolektorna Street and preserve the areas around lakes Nebrezh, Martyshiv, Tiahle, the biggest lakes in Kyiv, and a unique ecosystem of flood plains right behind the lakes against a dense residential development.
Here we give well-reasoned evidence why it is so crucial for Darnytskyi district and Kyiv in general.
Our strength and truth lie in our sincere intentions, maximum openness, and support of the community. And activities are caused by the illegal development of southern Osokorky.

We always welcome any help and support.

We prepared Osokorky Wetland Park Development Concept according to the plan of actions aimed at implementing Petition No.713 submitted to Kyiv Municipal Council.
A new park or urban hell?
We can preserve the nature and ecology of Kyiv.
Join the movement!
Osokorky Wetland Park
Video from the drone of our friends
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