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The concept of development of the Osokorky Wetland Park
Without buildings and with environmental protection
We have created an initial concept of the development of territories to show what the future park in the territory of Southern Osokorky can look like.
Read the full version of the concept in a PDF presentation. See the short version below.
Short version
What is included in the concept?
Philosophy, purpose, principles
In the document, we clearly spelled out why it is important to preserve this green area, which is home to tens of thousands of rare birds, animals, insects, and plants. We wrote out what is really important for the park's success and what principles are important to take as a basis for the park to become another favorite place of Kyiv and not a forgotten territory.
Why we created the concept of Osokorky Wetland Park
We have created an initial concept of the development of territories to show what the future park in the territory of Southern Osokorki can look like.

This applies to its form and structure (including zoning). Still, we have clearly formulated the philosophy of the future park, its purpose, and the basic principles on which the development, implementation, and operation of the Osokorky Wetland Park should be based.

In developing the park's future detailed project, its technical and design solutions, we will rely entirely on the experience and competence of relevant specialists. And we will insist that the future park project be selected for the Community in an open competition, open to any experts in the world, and based on the principles set out in this document.
Project philosophy
Allow nature to reproduce, and it will help you reproduce.
The purpose
  • Preserve the reproduction of the ecosystem of Kyiv, which includes nesting, feeding, and habitat of birds, including Red Book, breeding, feeding, and habitat of animals and insects necessary for the functioning of this ecosystem, places of growth and reproduction of the rich world of plants, especially Red Book and listed to the regional Red List.
  • Preserve and improve the ecological condition of Darnytskyi district, burdened with BSA, incinerator, many other industrial enterprises, the central highway "Bazhan Avenue" and the densest buildings.
  • To provide residents and guests of the metropolis with the opportunity of physical, psychological, and intellectual recreation.
  • Create an educational base for children and youth, students, and scientists involved in the natural sciences.
  • Preserve and restore cultural traditions, the historical heritage of this area of ​​modern Kyiv, which emerged on the site of original settlements and natural places, including Osokorky and Poznyaky, the chronicle lake Svyatyshche, the chronicle river Zolochi and more.
  • In the future, to form, develop and unite the Community around noble and worthy of modern man goals and values, where the Community would not be an outside observer, but an active participant in public life.
  • To promote our district's development by involving it from the outside and creating demand for the creative and scientific elite inside. Thus, to contribute to the destruction of the label exclusively sleeping area and the formation instead of a self-sufficient original comfortable and attractive part of our city.
The Principles
Environmental principle
All methods of arrangement of the park, measures aimed at ensuring its functioning, and which will be carried out on its territory in the future, should be subject first of all to the principle of nature protection. This will mean that, for example:

  • lighting to be installed in a part of the city park should be directed only downwards, according to modern environmental requirements in leading European countries, in order to minimize light pollution of the territory, and thus reduce the negative impact on the ecosystem;
  • bathing places should be placed in fragments with the maximum preservation of vegetation, which is a natural purifier of water bodies;
  • even in the "city park" area (for zonation, see the next section) the use of music, other means of entertainment accompanied by sound and light effects, lighting a fire, traffic should be the exception rather than the norm and in any case clearly and strictly regulated and significantly limited;
  • paths of the nature protection zone with opportunities for recreational and cognitive recreation should be backfilled with natural material, such as fine rolled gravel and aboveground wooden. In areas in the nature protection zone with a high degree of protection and strictly limited access - without any ground cover.

All technical and design solutions should be based on the latest technologies, requirements and ideas of the modern civilized world about the arrangement of living space. First of all, this applies to the "city park" area. We are not interested in and will not be satisfied with inappropriate capricious artificial pomp or primitive kitsch. Instead, we see our park as one that will maintain natural harmony, natural aesthetics, natural line, natural colors typical of our region, natural materials combined with advanced energy saving methods and modern trends in design thought.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle
Osokorky Ecopark should become a model of a healthy way of life for the residents of our district, all Kyivites and guests of the city. With its infrastructure and activities, it should not only offer, but also teach city residents to effectively restore their physical and psychological health.

Osokorky Ecopark should become an original and original business card of Darnytskyi district with each of its components, and not a typical template park zone.

Unity, integrity and completeness of the park concept
The ecopark should be a single structure in one style, all parts of which will be part of a single concept, rather than a set of objects different in style and quality. It is also not allowed to have objects that are in conflict with the philosophy, purpose and basic principles of the park.

Environmental friendliness
All materials used for the arrangement and decoration of the park should be natural, and technologies should be energy-saving, they should not harm the environment (for example, lighting should be directed downwards), fit harmoniously into the natural landscape with minimal interference in the ecosystem.

Social orientation
The ecopark should have all the opportunities for full recreation and movement of people with special needs. The infrastructure and future activities of the park based on it should in an original, interesting and modern way cover the interests of the elderly, parents with young children, young people.

In addition, we want to create a small leisure center on the basis of our ecopark for the elderly, who can visit it several times a week, so that under the care of relevant staff and volunteer youth it is interesting to spend time in good company and not feel lonely.

Formation of park staff
This process should take place on an open, transparent and competitive basis with the submission to the Community of candidates for discussion and approval. Candidates for management positions must submit to the Community their concepts, development plans, in line with the basic principles of the park. In addition, the management of the ecopark should be selected at the stage of construction / arrangement of the park.

For more information on compliance with the principles, see the sections "Elements of the organization" for each of the three zones of the ecopark in the full concept.
Zoning, form, and structure of the Osokorky Park
We proposed to divide the Ecopark into three zones:
1. Zone of the city park for active recreation.
2. Nature protection zone with opportunities for recreational and cognitive recreation.
3. Areas in the nature protection zone with a high degree of protection and strictly limited access.

In the document, we showed where the city park should be (there can be decorated beaches, playgrounds, bike paths, bicycle and boat rental, parking, toilet, cafe, convenient fishing areas, and other leisure), and where the nature protection area ( there may be campsites for tents, eco-trails, hiking and running trails, observation towers for bird and nature surveillance, nature restoration areas, etc.).
Read more about zoning and icon marking in the full version of the concept.
Problems to be solved
In the document, we outlined the main problems that need to be addressed in the Park framework. It is the problems that most concern the public and ordinary visitors to the park.
At the moment, one of the biggest problems is garbage. Along Kolektornaya Street and in some places in the park's depths, it is mostly construction waste that was dumped there so as not to pay for removal to the landfill. Along with the country cooperative – household waste of summer residents. Garbage on the shores of lakes and roads of the Ecopark is mainly due to human recreation, although sometimes there are new piles of construction waste.

Every year, we should note that the culture of vacationers is growing, and more and more people, in addition to their own and take away the garbage left by others, but this does not solve the problem. Just as regular riots do not solve, it is carried out by activists of the Park.

Therefore, the primary task is to clean the territory and liquidate natural dumps by communal services with activists and residents' involvement. And further maintenance of the territory in cleanliness, installation, and regular removal of garbage containers – a guarantee of success of Osokorky Wetland Park.
The second problem is the unrestricted and uncontrolled movement of vehicles on the territory of Osokorky Wetland Park. Cars are parked anywhere – right next to the water, on the grass, among the bushes.

There are still cases when trucks take out and dump construction and household garbage on the Park territory instead of going to a paid landfill.
The third problem is gazebos in their current state. Details about them are written in paragraph 20 of the section "Elements of the organization of the front part of the Ecopark – city park and active recreation area."
Shooting of birds
A significant issue is the shooting of birds during the hunting season. Hunting not only damages the ecosystem of this area, destroys, among others, the Red Book birds, but is also extremely dangerous to humans. After all, the shooting is carried out within the city limits, near a densely populated area. And the territory of the ecopark is gaining more and more popularity among the population.
No less painful problem are the fires that occasionally occur in the forest and meadow part of the Park. An area without status, proper care and control, and even near a large number of people is always an area of increased fire risk.
Mowing and mass destruction of Red Book plants
We are also very concerned about the regular and mass destruction of Red Cross plants, including spring primroses, Siberian and marsh roosters, plants listed in the Red Lists of Kyiv and Kyiv region, such as yarrow, coronary cuckoo, crowded white bells, and more.

There is also a constant mass mowing, among others, of those rare plants that reproduce only by seeds, which leads to the reduction and destruction of their population.
Global examples of nature parks
We studied the world experience and gave examples of what Osokorky Wetland Park might look like. In particular, it's part with limited access (especially where rare species of birds nest and breed).
Coastal path in Hong Kong Wetland Park. This park is one of the winners of the global competition Awards for Excellence from the Urban Land Institute.
Pathway in the meadow area in Onkaparinga River Recreation Park (Adelaide, Australia)
Landscape and Birdwatching Tower, Spruce Creek Park, Port Orange (Florida, USA)
Construction on water for bird watching and conservation of natural shores, Berrinba Wetlands (Brisbane, Australia)
Unique nature that we have to preserve.
Find out more in the full concept of the Osokorky Wetland Park
A new park or urban hell?
Help us to protect the nature for people