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How to help Osokorky Wetland Park
The more support, the faster the success
Our goal is to create a wetland park in Southern Osokorky on the left bank of Kyiv.
Help us achieve it – and save the environment and the city from building up.
1. Informational support
Help us form a critical mass of supporters. If there are many of us, the city authorities will be forced to comply with the community's demands. Nobody can stop popular projects – so your likes charge the project for success!

1.1. Subscribe to our Facebook page and invite friends to join.
1.2. Join our Facebook group – there we communicate and mobilize the votes of fans.
1.3. Write a post on social networks with the support of Osokorky Park.
Tell us what a cool idea and add some photos from the concept or gallery. Let more people know about Ecopark! And don't forget to tag us so that people can subscribe too!

1.4. Tell your friends about the project in person and make them supporters of the idea of Osokorky Wetland Park.
Need arguments? Take more from the Frequently Asked Questions and concept page.
2. Financial support
We need financial support – particularly for legal support of our activities and mass promotion of the Osokorky Wetland Park project (printing materials, advertising, preparation and holding of presentations, and much more!).

We undertake to report on the use of all borrowed funds.
You can find past NGO reports in the report block on the About page.

Make a money transfer in person or on behalf of your company.

Do you have experience in attracting grants? We will be glad to connect.
Send to Ukrainian card (Privatbank)
5169 3305 2050 6798
(In the column "Recipient" will be displayed Pylypenko Alexander Yurievich, as he is the head of our legal entity NGO "ECOPARK OSOKORKY").

Send bank transfer in Ukraine
IBAN: UA683802690000026000056219882
EDRPOU code (TIN): 41738578

Beneficiary's Bank: Capital Branch of PJSC CB PRIVATBANK
MFI: 380269
Purpose of payment: Charity support. Without VAT.
Send international SWIFT-transfer
Will be added soon.
3. Participation in our projects
We are a small public organization and, although we have grown over the years, we still do not have the hands, time, and finances to implement all the cool ideas that can strengthen the project. That's why we are glad that our friends of the project help us, particularly with their time and resources.

3.1. Take part in the announced actions supporting the Park (peaceful rallies, blocking of illegal construction, court hearings, cleaning actions, and much more).

3.2. Create your own campaign or information project that will significantly increase the interest in creating an Ecopark - through your creativity, your social capital, your own resources, or the resources of your company.

3.3. Offer assistance in your field of expertise (help us to make a video, creative, SMM-strategy, lobbying in local government, CMR, VRU or government; fundraising for NGOs, promotional banners in your media, or anything else you can and that can enhance the success of the project).
A new park or urban hell?
Help us to protect the nature for people