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Frequently Asked Questions on Osokorky Wetland park
Everything you wanted to know and the myths you need to know
We often have to answer typical questions from different people, the media, and organizations. And also on the issues raised in false leaflets and articles distributed by the developer of lakes in Osokorky-Poznyaki.

We want to be as transparent as possible and build a community with you that will create Osokorky Ecopark in its best form.
1. General questions
Who represents the Osokorky Wetland Park project?
Proponents of the project have united and created the NGO "Osokorky Ecopark," which is gradually and decisively promoting the idea of creating an Ecopark instead of building the lakes of southern Osokorky. You can support our NGO financially in the "How to help" section.

Read more about us on the "About" page and join the team!
Who finances us?
The project started as a volunteer initiative, which began to be supported by people and organizations. We are a public organization (NGO), and anyone can support us with a one-time or monthly payment. We are also helped a lot by their activities - for example, creating this site, creating a video park, or other printed materials.

You can find our financial statements for the last 2 years on the "About" page.

Read about us on the "About" page and support us on the "How to help" page.
What is our goal?
We strive to preserve the protected area and create an Ecopark accessible to people, instead of another residential area, which will destroy forests, meadows, habitats of unique animals and plants, take away people's places for walks and recreation.

Read more about us on the page "About." You can find more details of the project in the section "Concept of Osokorky Westland Park."
Who could implement the Osokorky Wetland Park project?
Globally, such projects are implemented by local authorities. In Kyiv, Kyivproekt, the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of the Kyiv City State Administration, the Department of Public Works of the Kyiv City State Administration, and other municipal institutions and organizations must participate in the project.

The source of funding for the creation and maintenance of the Osokorky Ecopark should be the city of Kyiv and patrons' funds. Osokorky Ecopark, like other social facilities, in principle can not be a profitable project and is not economically attractive for investment. Thus, to realize the accomplishment of separate sites of Ecopark, it is quite real to involve patrons as it is done in other parks of the city.
Where to get funds for the creation of Osokorky Wetland Park?
In the city budget for 2018, the Department of Urban Development and Environmental Protection was allocated more than 1 billion hryvnias.

This department is responsible for the green and park areas in the city. It has all the necessary resources to create and maintain the Osokorky Ecopark under the proposed concept.

Each year, the city budget incurs high costs to improve the old and create new green areas. There is every reason for Osokorki Ecopark to become one of them, as provided by the current Master Plan of the city, and it is quite appropriate given the number of residents living nearby and the available recreational potential of this area.

For example, it is worth mentioning Natalka Park near the Dnipro in Obolon. Previously, it was an abandoned and littered park, which at one time had already been given for construction. However, the city found the will to return the park to the community and its construction funds. It is currently an exemplary green area and the pearl of Obolon.
What should Osokorky Park look like?
The full concept of the park is posted on the page "Concept of the park."
Osokorky Westland Park vs Osokorky Ecopark. What is the difference?
There is no difference between these two terms. Besides, Ecopark is a more commonly used word in the Ukrainian language to describe the nature park. And Westland Park is a better term to describe our vision of this place in English.
2. Myths and manipulations about the Ecopark
#1 "Now the place around the lake Nebrezh is littered with garbage. Arcade will start housing construction and put it in order."
This myth is most popular with those who want to build this area.

For almost the last 10 years, the area near the lake has been leased to the developer Arkada / KONTAKTBUDSERVIS. If you have to complain about garbage and untidy territory, it is the Arcade - they are responsible for this territory, not the city authorities.

Secondly, the Arcade project does not envisage a full-fledged park around Lake Nebrezh, and only narrow lanes around the lake will remain free of development.

Thirdly, after urbanization, Lake Nebrezh will lose its recreational potential forever. In particular, the water in it will never be as clean as it is now, and it will be impossible to swim there. Lakes Vyrlytsia, Sunny, Swan, and Silver Circle are striking examples of such urbanization consequences.

We propose to return these territories to the city administration, appoint the management of the Osokorky Ecopark and clean the green zone in the same way as communal services clean other city parks.
#2 "It will be costly to create an Ecopark. The city does not have such funds."
This myth is also often popularized by those who want to build this area to hide the idea of ​​the Ecopark away.

In the city budget for 2018, the Department of Urban Development and Environmental Protection was allocated more than 1 billion hryvnias. And a similar situation every year. Such objects are constantly being created in Kyiv. For example, it is worth mentioning the same Natalka Park near the Dnieper in Obolon. The city took the developer's land, returned the park to the community, and found funds for the park.

Besides, it is not necessary to equip the entire territory of the Ecopark. Osokorky Ecopark is conceptually divided into two parts:

1. The city park territory is the front part of the Ecopark, which is adjacent to Kolektorna Street and almost completely covers Lake Nebrezh on two sides. It should be a well-maintained city park with appropriate infrastructure: parking at the entrance, lighting, bike and footpaths, playgrounds and sports fields, gazebos, decorated beaches, etc. At the same time, interference in the existing landscape should be minimal. In addition to its social function, this city park will be a buffer zone between the city and the territory with environmental status.

Having divided the park's creation into several stages and years, the city can easily implement this project, as it happened in Obolon in Natalka Park.

2. Territory with conservation status south of Lake Nebrezh.
In this part of the Osokorky Westland Park, the minimum arrangement is provided. These are mostly information stands and benches for relaxation along a popular walking and cycling routes.
#3 "Kyiv is a metropolis. The city must develop, and the construction of the southern Osokorky is inevitable."
Of course, you can focus on Bangkok or Shanghai. However, it is better to follow European cities' example, which is based on creating comfortable and harmonious living conditions for residents rather than satisfying developers' interests and corrupting local government officials.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to build new residential buildings in Kyiv, but at the same time not to destroy such green areas, which are extremely necessary for the city's residents.
#4 "Why change an investor who promises to preserve the ecosystem and tidy up the territory UNDER PUBLIC CONTROL to an unknown person and for unknown purposes?"
This is the cheapest manipulation.
The official documents of the developer submitted to the Kyiv City State Administration contain a detailed plan of the Osokorky district, which was developed at the request of the tenant of the land plots of KONTAKTBUDSERVICE LLC (and in fact – the developer bank ARKADA).

If you open the photos and layouts of the detailed plan (pages 85-92) – you can see that there is no "preservation of the ecosystem". The purpose of the developer is a series of dense high-rise buildings that will destroy meadows, forests, and natural areas of the Osokorky Park.
#5 "You are professional fraudulent activists. Your goal is to receive a material reward from the developer."
Unfortunately, blocking construction is often a kind of fraudulent business. After receiving a ransom from the developer, the activists disappear. Such a shameful phenomenon is no secret for Kyiv citizens.

We also understand that the developer does not want to change his plans because this area is greedy for him. And that is why for him – all activists are enemies who need to be watered with dirt in the media.

However, our intentions are sincere and selfless, and the activity is as open as possible. There are many entrepreneurs, public figures, and ordinary Kyivans among us - you can read more about us on the "About" page.

For most of us, the struggle to create the Osokorky Westland Park is the first experience of such public activity - the same happens with mistakes. But we are motivated to take action by a deep awareness of the extremely disastrous consequences of housing construction in southern Osokorki, both for the Darnytskyi district, where we all live and for the city of Kyiv in general.

Join us!
#6 "Ecopark activists just want to bring their tenant instead of "ARCADE" / "CONTACTBUDSERVICE."
Our goal is to terminate the lease agreements with CONTACTBUDSERVICE LLC, return the land plots to the city community, and immediately transfer them to recreational lands to prevent future development. Attracting a new investor and new houses are not provided anywhere.

And these decisions are the responsibility of the Kyiv City State Administration and the Kyiv City Council.

We have already been able to transfer part of the park to recreational lands' status and will not stop until the whole area becomes Osokorky Westland Park.
3. Legal and technical issues
At what stage is the petition to the Kyiv City State Administration to establish the Osokorky Ecopark
In 2015, as soon as the e-petitions service was launched in Kyiv, an №713 e-petition was submitted to the Kyiv City Council demanding to stop construction on the lakes of southern Osokorky and to create a large regional landscape park in this area – Osokorky Ecopark. Lakes and unique floodplain meadows located behind the lakes in a southerly direction. The petition quickly garnered 11,150 votes, with the minimum required 10,000.

Almost 5 years have passed since the petition was submitted. During this time, a working group was set up to consider and study the issues raised in the Petition, held more than ten meetings of Kyiv City Council commissions, heard representatives of the Ministry of Ecology, the Department of Architecture of the Kyiv City State Administration, the Kyiv City State Administration's Tourism Department, non-governmental organizations. In particular, scientists of non-governmental environmental organizations have prepared a scientific substantiation of the value of the territory of southern Osokorki and the need to create a regional landscape park. All officials involved in the Petition unanimously supported it, realizing that the development of the city south of Kolektorna Street will inevitably destroy the natural complex of lakes in southern Osokorki and the unique ecosystem of floodplain meadows behind them, as a result of which the recreational and tourist potential will be lost forever.
How to help Osokorky Wetland Park become a reality?
Find the main ways to support the project on the "How to help" page.
Why is construction illegal?
We have created a separate section that you can check for yourself.
What are the goals of the developer?
Over the years, we have piecemeal documents that we have tried to hide in the city's bureaucratic processes. But we did not give up and repeated all the documents in the "Goals of the developer."
The developer has already spent significant funds to prepare for housing. Who will compensate the developer?
It would be fair if the city found a compromise with the developer and, for example, allocated him other land plots for development instead of those where there will be an Ecopark. The community would support such a decision by local authorities.
A new park or urban hell?
Help us to protect the nature for people