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Why is this important?

The extraordinary importance of preserving the southern Osokorky from the development and creation of the landscape natural park on this territory is based on the following fundamental aspects:
1. The public need for a viable green zone on Osokorky and Pozniaky.
2. Preservation of a unique ecosystem of wetlands with pure lakes and floodplain meadows.
3. Potential collapse of social and transport infrastructure of Darnytskyi district.
Let’s look at each item in detail below.

The public need for a viable green zone on Osokorky and Pozniaky

Osokorky and Pozniaky is one of the most densely populated settlements of the city. Taking into account the number of still unpopulated new buildings (both already constructed and those under construction), the population amount and population density of residential areas will increase significantly over the next few years. At the same time, the only park on Osokorky and Pozniaky is a small square with young trees near the Pozniaky metro station.

The purest lakes of the city of Kyiv Nebrezh and Martyshiv, which border the densely built residential districts of Osokorky and Pozniaky, are extremely attractive for holidaymakers. This is actually the only place in the area where residents can walk in nature, and not among high-rise buildings and asphalt. Here you can always see people walking with children’s prams, running, walking dogs, riding bikes, resting in gazebos, etc. And in the summer, there are more holidaymakers on the lake beaches than on the seashore, without exaggeration, like at sea. To the south, behind lakes and groves, there are blooming floodplain meadows, canals, small lakes, which are excellent places for walks and rest.

That is exactly why this de facto park area is so important for ensuring a normal harmonious life of not only Osokorky and Pozniaky residents, but of the entire Darnytskyi district and the city of Kyiv in general.

The area along Kolektorna street spreading 700-1000 meters all the way to the lakes (especially the part adjacent directly to Kolektorna street), which has been heavily clogged over the past ten years, should be brought to order and transformed into a regular urban park with the appropriate infrastructure – lighting, trails, children’s and sports grounds, equipped beaches, etc. The territory to the south should obtain the appropriate conservation status with limited recreation.

Preservation of a unique ecosystem of wetlands with pure lakes and floodplain meadows

Lakes Nebrezh, Martyshiv, Tiahle, canals and groves around them, and, most importantly, flowery flood plain meadows, being the last remnants of the landscape complexes of the left bank floodplain of the Dnipro river, which are preserved in almost original state within Kyiv only at Osokorky. This area serves as a home to many representatives of the flora and fauna, listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine.

Potential collapse of social and transport infrastructure of Darnytskyi district

Every year it becomes more difficult to register a child into a kindergarten or the first grade school, since all pre-school and school facilities are overcrowded. Of course, new educational institutions are being built, but their number is absolutely incommensurate with the growth rate of new buildings without adequate social infrastructure and population of Darnytskyi district. Often the problem is the actual absence of a place for the construction of a school or a kindergarten within new residential neighborhoods.

Another serious problem is the overload of the Southern Bridge and subway in the morning and evening with a clear tendency to deteriorate the situation. It is already quite problematic to get in the metro train in the morning at the Osokorky station. Traffic jam in the direction of the Pivdennyi Bridge begins near Pozniaky metro station in the morning, and in the evening – behind Leroy Merlin construction hypermarket. Even 10 years ago, there were practically no such problems transportation wise.

It is totally clear that further thoughtless residential development of Osokorky and Pozniaky will inevitably lead to a social and transport collapse, due to which the normal residence in Darnytskyi district will become impossible.