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  • ecopark.osokorky@gmail.com

How to help us

Follow the news on the website or in our group on Facebook and take part in the announced promotions (rallies, blocking illegal construction, court hearings, toilers, etc.) and community activities whose ultimate goal is the official creation of an eco-park in the southern Osokorky. Tell your friends, acquaintances, neighbors about our eco-park and attract them to active participation. If there are a lot of us, then the city authorities will be forced to meet the demands of the community.

We also need financial assistance, in particular for legal support of our activities and mass promotion of Ecopark Osokorky project (printing materials, advertising, preparation and presentation of presentations, etc.).

We undertake to report on the use of borrowed funds.

Our requisites:

Recipient: Non-Governmental Organization “EKOPARK OSOKORKY”
USREOU (ITN): 41738578
Beneficiary Bank: Capital Branch of PJSC CB “PRIVATBANK”
MFO: 380269
Account: 26000056219882
Payment designation: Charitable contribution. VAT excluded.

Corporate card of “EKOPARK OSOKORKI” NGO in PJSC CB
“PRIVATBANK” 5169 3305 0901 2438 (in the “Recipient” line Oleksandr Yuriiovych Pylypenko will be shown, as he is the head of the legal entity “EKOPARK OSOKORKY” NGO).

We are also interested in sponsorship and grant support. We will be grateful for providing information on potential opportunities in this area.