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Our documents

Environmental justification

If an ordinary urban park is created on the area adjacent to Kolektorna Street, then the lands spreading further to the south behind Nebrezh lake should be given a full-fledged environmental protection status. Indeed, this is exactly what we are putting into the concept of “Ecopark Osokorky”. Our friends-ecologists have prepared a scientific substantiation of nature reserve creation on this territory. Its basis was the justification of the need to create a landscape reserve of local significance “Vysokyi Luh” (High Medow), created earlier with the support of Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center.


Legal documents

We believe that the ultimate victory in the creation of the park can only be achieved on the legal front, so much effort has been particularly concentrated on the legal struggle. Below is a part of the documents submitted to various government agencies.

The petition to the Prosecutor’s Office dated 01.12.2017 on the recognition of lease agreements for land plots invalid. The petition to the Prosecutor’s Office dated 05.02.2018 on the recognition of lease agreements for land plots invalid (new arguments), the decision of the City Council on the approval of the DPT, etc.
The following responses were received: the response to the first petition and the response to the second petition. Unfortunately, Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office did not want to support the community and satisfy our petition writing us back that we ourselves could act as a plaintiff on the above-mentioned cases. At the same time, such response of Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office was predictable and anticipated, as the evidence gathered by us testified that Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office in 2014 acted as an active participant in the “legalization” of illegal lease agreements of “Kontaktbudservice” LLC. Based on this we have been prepared a petition to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, where we also point out the illegal inactivity of Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office. Unfortunately, this petition has remained unanswered.

A petition to the NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine) dated 13.12.2017 concerning corruption offenses by Kyiv City officials.
A response to this petition. We are waiting for the response. NABU is loaded with resonant affairs and reluctantly takes on things like ours.

A petition to Kyiv Council dated 07.12.2017. We have not received a reply, but our petition was added to the Petition materials.

Information request to the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine dated 09.01.2018 in order to receive clarification on a number of questions. A reply was very interesting and positive.

Information request to Kyiv City State Administration dated 08.02.2018 in order to obtain permit documents from “Kontaktbudservice” LLC for performing construction south of Kolektorna Street. A reply was received (list of permits).

A petition to the Ecoinspection on carrying out the inspection of compliance with the water protection rules requirements dated 08.02.2018.

Appeal to the Department of Urban Development and Architecture at Kyiv City State Administration dated 29.05.2018.

Appeal to the Land Resources Department at Kyiv City State Administration dated 29.05.2018.

The petition to the deputies of Kyiv City Council on the termination of lease contracts for land plots with “Kontaktbudservice” LLC. The corresponding petitions were sent out to all 120 deputies of Kyiv City Council.

Statement of claim dated 19.03.2018 to the District Administrative Court of Kyiv City on the cancellation of the permit for the 10/110 SS (Substation) construction of Nebrezh lahe shore.

Statement of claim dated 07.06.2018 to the District Administrative Court of Kyiv on the cancellation of the construction permit between the lakes Nebrezh and Tiahle.

Reply to the deputy V.Ya. Bokhniak’s appeal regarding the affiliation of “Kontaktbudservice”, LLC land plots with the protected landscape zone.


Petition/Kyiv City State Administration

The Plan of measures aimed at realization of the initiated in the electronic petition No. 713 “Landscape natural park instead of development of the southern



Articles of Association of “Ecopark Osokorky” NGO